After installing firefox 4.0 I've been having problems with rundll error on startup. Norton scan is finding a high risk malware.

October 11

Last week I installed firefox 4.0 beta & the next time the computer was restarted a rundll error window appeared that said windows cannot locate file. This file showed up in the startup programs. When norton finds this which is every 1 or 2 days it removes it after a restart but the error & malware comes back. I went back to firefox 3.6 but still have this problem. Can you help?
Thanks, Dennis



It seems unusual that Norton should block and remove firefox updates. Having said that I was posting in a thread about problems with Norton a few days ago see [ thread] ''"I down loaded fromFFox the latest down - norton 360 - stopped the down load - stated not to use it - asked to stop running the program - I click yes thinking a problem now on my other computer I cant use FFox as a Browers -"''
I use Norton (NIS) and received only a mild advisory on one Firefox update. I have Windows XP with Firefox3.6.15 & 4RC installed

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