Adobe camera raw window won't resize and can't reach buttons

October 11

When I open an image from bridge into adobe camera raw 6.1 (Photoshop CS5) on my laptop, the camera raw window fills all of the screen (top to bottom) and the buttons at the bottom of the window are below the task bar. Thus I can't open the image in photoshop except by hitting the enter key. I can't reach the open, etc buttons. The window won't resize and there are no icon/buttons in the right upper corner to go to/from full screen. When I hit the icon in the top right hand menu bar in ACR (to go to full screen size) the window then fills the whole width of the screen in addition to the height, but no matter what I do I can't get the height of the window to shrink, so that I can access the icons at the bottom of the screen. What am I missing? Thanks



Don't worry about turning aero off just yet.
There are two key first questions:
What is your screen resolution (width in pixels x height in pixels)?  Right-click on desktop, choose Screen Resolution.
What setting have you chosen for the display size (Smaller, Medium, Larger) in the Display dialog?  Right-click on desktop, choose Personalize, then Display.

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