Acrobat Pro 8 -Vs- Office 2007

November 30

Here is my situation, I have Acrobat Pro 8 and Office 2007 installed. I can create PDF's from Office files no problem, I can combine PDF's no problem. I cannot simultaneously combine Office files and turn them into PDF's I get the following error:
Missing PDFMaker files.
Do you want to run the installer in repair mode?
I have uninstalled / reinstalled Acrobat still getting error.
Running Win XP Pro SP3
Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated!



I am using Adobe 8.1.4 and Office 2007 with XP SP 3 and I can create a PDF in Office 2007 if I select "Quick and Simple PDF" but if I select "Fully Functional PDF" or try to create a PDF from Adobe Acrobat, I get an error.  Can anyone offer any suggestions, please?

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