ACL vs. Filters

November 30

I know I've seen this somewhere in the forums before, so forgive my redundant posting. While I'm fairly familiar with ACLs, I'm wondering if filtering at the AP will provide the same benefit. What I'm interested in doing seems to be fairly common:
I have two SSIDs/VLANs:
VLAN 84- Open, not authentication, for Internet usage
VLAN 88- LEAP authentication, full network access
I'd like to block all traffic coming from VLAN 84 to any other server but our DHCP server and the private interface of our firewall so these users can get an IP and get out to the Internet.
All traffic for VLAN 88 should flow as normal.
The AP connects to a 6509 switch w/ an MSFC. I could just write an ACL on the MSFC. Would it be easier/more secure to write a filter on the AP?



The following document should give you a better idea on filtering

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