A few various questions

November 30

Can anyone help me with a few various questions about how to do certain things on the iPhone? Here's my questions:
- Is there a way to turn off predictive text? I'd like to enter in a phone extension for a contact. I create a new field for the extension number. Then enter in "EXT" but it comes out to "ECT". Also, is there a way to delete that field? Is there a better way to do extensions?
- How do I hide the keyboard when there isn't an option to hide it? This happens in the Mail settings area.
- Is there a way to keep the keyboard in all caps just for a single word rather than having to switch to caps for each letter?
- When I bookmark a website, sometimes the bookmark title is long so I can't see it all. I can click into the field but that puts the cursor at the end of the text string. Is there a way to then scroll left and see all of the words?



Ok this should be a long one so dig in haha. Ill answer them in the order you asked.
No, there is no way as of right now to turn off the predictive text feature. You must make sure to cancel the blue suggested word before hitting the space bar.
There isnt an option to hide the keyboard in any of the applications on iPhone. Im not quite sure what you mean on this one either.
There is a way to use all caps letters if you have enabled caps lock in the keyboard settings menu and then double tap the icon when typing. It will turn blue when it has been done correctly.
If you tap and hold your finger on a piece of text, it will pop up a little magnifying glass which can be used to scroll left and right. Its a bit tricky to find the right place on the screen that will make it move though. You will get the hang of it eventually.
Hope this helps. Enjoy your iPhone!!

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