A few simple questions i need help on please

November 30

i have an ipod mini. my computer crashed and i have a new computer. is there a way to upload my songs and lists to the computer? i have itunes 7.0.
second question. is there a way to upload only one or two songs to an ipod mini that is already loaded with songs, without uploading all the songs again. is the current info automatically overwritten so that i would end up with only the two songs on the ipod after uploading?
thanks in advance.



is there a way to upload my songs and lists to the computer?
Maybe. You say your old computer crashed. Does that mean it doesn't run at all? Does it mean it hangs during the boot-up process? Does it mean the hard drive came to a crashing screeching halt? Without knowing more about the death of the old computer none of us can know whether the data is recoverable or not.
OTOH, you have at least part of your music data on your iPod. So with the help of third party software (check out your favorite download site) you'll be able to transfer your iPod's music and playlists to the new computer. If the iPod contains your entire music collection you are pretty much good to go.
Can you add only a couple songs to your iPod? Sure, after connecting it to your new computer you'll be told it is synced to another computer and asked if you want to sync it to this new one. Select cancel - no you don't want to sync it to the new one. After the iPod appears in iTunes select it and in the iPod preferences select manually manage. This will let you manually add or delete songs.

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