A few simple questions, before I purchase an Ipod

November 30

These shouldn't be too hard to answer, considering all the other questions you guys get.
I just need to know a few things before I am willing to purchase a Nano.
1. Once I download iTunes, can I upload my own Cds? And thus move songs from my Cds to my ipod?
2. Is it possible delete songs off the ipod, once you have uploaded them?
3. I have about 300 songs on my current audio player. (Roxio; Audio Central) Will I be able to upload these to my ipod?
I think that's all for now, thanks for all your help.
  Windows 2000   I don't yet own an iPod.



Thanks for the reply. I think it will be okay if I can't add those songs, maybe I'll burn the most important ones to a cd, then upload them.
Thanks again for all your help.

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