480i codec still in existance?

November 30

We are using the freeware app. Multiscreener to sync two projectors through mini macs and have been informed by the artists that in case the files are too much for the macs to handle to convert it to a 480i or 480p SD DV-NTSC.
However when viewing the available codecs in FCP, QT, and Compressor I don't see this codec in the menu.
Is this an out of use codec, or is there something that is comparable to this one for us to use?
I'm exporting it in DV_PAL as I type, and will try it out when it is done, but to streamline any foreseeable problems I am asking the gurus out there on their thoughts right now.
(I decided to export it in PAL because that was the original file format, and when I used NTSC as suggested it seemed to stutter quite a bit, FYI)



480i and 480p aren't codecs, they are frame sizes. Typically standing for 720x480. DV/PAL, DV50, ProRes....these are codecs.
And PAL and NTSC are region types...not codecs. PAL is European, NTSC is North/South American and Japan. 25fps vs 30fps...completely different frame rates...so yeah, converting PAL to NTSC just by exporting will cause problems.

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